A DeFi Ecosystem that

Ferrum Ecosystem

The Incubator
Presales Done Right

The crypto incubation space is plagued with unnecessary stress caused by flawed FCFS policies, lottery-based systems, long-term staking requirements, and worst of all, “gas wars”.

Ferrum Cross-Chain Incubation is a stress-free process with a 36 hour contribution period, non-obligatory staking requirements, and low transaction costs.

Anti-Bot Tech
Stop The Bots Today

Bots regularly infiltrate Uniswap listings of projects. Bots manipulate prices by buying tokens at the lowest possible price, and dump the tokens on real supporters negatively impacting the project.

Ferrum has stopped over 600 ETH worth of Bot dumps for projects. Stop the bots with FAS Anti-Bot Technology today.

Staking Tech
Instant Token Utility

Many crypto projects may lack a working product as it is being developed, or their tokens may be lacking a real use case or utility. Tokens that lack utility often experience a price dump shortly after listing on an exchange as investors are not incentivized to hold the project’s tokens.

Create instant token utility for your project, reward your long term investors, and gain more protection from price volatility. Start staking today with Ferrum Staking Technology.

Blockchain As A Service
Tech That Powers Crypto Projects

Ferrum has always focused on building technology that can enable the adoption of crypto solutions for the masses. Our white label solutions power crypto and traditional projects, enabling them to get their product to market faster. The numbers speak for themselves. We’re proud of our success thus far, but we’re only getting started.

$30 MM+

TVL on Ferrum Network

600 ETH+

Prevented Bot Dumps

$8 MM

Total Raised


Ferrum Staking Clients

Governance Token

FRMx was designed to add tremendous value to the Ferrum ecosystem by bringing valuable utilities, long-term sustainability, and a fair launch. Earn attractive yields in FRMx when you stake your FRM and get monthly rewards of up to 30% APY for just holding your tokens on UniFyre Wallet.

With FRMx, our community decides. Our Governance Committee (GC) members have and will continue to play an integral role in the direction of Ferrum. Hold 100k FRM and 20 FRMx or 750k FRM and 5 FRMx to earn a seat on the GC.

Utility Token

FRM holders enjoy some of the most exclusive benefits and perks for holding FRM. Some of these ever-increasing benefits include access to presales, staking rewards, increased value over time through deflationary economics, and so much more.

FRM is helping remove barriers to the mass adoption of blockchain. By holding FRM, you are directly contributing towards making that goal a reality.

Unifyre Wallet

Transact with UniFyre Wallet

Transfer and Swap cryptocurrencies over any messenger app using our revolutionary Link Drop technology and never worry about sending money to the wrong address. Earn high yields on dozens of assets on the go with mobile DeFi staking.

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