Interoperability 2.0
With the mission of breaking down barriers to mass adoption, Ferrum
empowers the industry by reducing friction and bringing startups and
established networks closer together.

Infinity Layer Mainnet enables multichain smart contracts Powered by Quantum Portal

Introducing the next revolution in blockchain technology! Our Infinity Layer Mainnet enables multichain smart contracts. Imagine being able to build a smart contract on one network and deploy that same contract on any connected network. Ferrum's Infinity Layer Mainnet connects all chains and unlocks unlimited possibilities for developers and projects alike. True blockchain interoperability has finally arrived.

Powered by the Quantum Portal engine and secured by Value Constrained Proof of Stake Rollups (VCPR) and Multichain Validator Staking (MCVS), Ferrum Network provides the best-in-class security combined with next-generation interoperability.

Welcome to Interoperability 2.0

Quantum Portal

Quantum Portal core and its related smart contracts with programmable interfaces maintain the state of value and information across blockchains.

This powerful technology enables the build once, deploy everywhere functionality throughout our network's connected chains.

Value Constrained Multi Chain Rollups

Value Constrained Multi Chain Rollups taps into the L1 security much like the ZK and Optimistic rollup, but it can support multiple L1s and is not limited to Ethereum. VCPR enables Ferrum's blockchains to become the L2 for many chains.

Multichain Validator Staking

Multichain Validator Staking allows Ferrum's blockchains to tap into native security mechanisms of each chain where transactions occur instead of relying on off-chain or secondary chain centralized staking. Staking happens on the chains where validation of transactions/information is required.

The Ferrum Network Gateway

You can access all of Ferrum's groundbreaking products through our Gateway Dapp. The Ferrum Network Gateway is the entry point to our ecosystem of DeFi products, including sustainable staking (Crucible), multi-chain DEX aggregator (MultiSwap), our leaderboard module, and more. Take advantage of the most innovative blockchain technology ever created, developed by Ferrum Network.

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Enabling Multichain Swaps

MultiSwap is a smart routing multichain aggregator that enables multichain swaps across EVM and non EVM compatible networks alike. By tapping into LPs on a network’s native DEXs, MultiSwap encourages TVL and makes a network’s native assets more composable.

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Creating Sustainable Rewards

Crucible’s underlying technology, Plasma Staking, is a revolutionary hybrid DeFi product that combines mechanisms inherent in reflection tokens with elements of liquidity staking. It’s the backbone of Ferrum’s sustainable rewards economy.

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Digital Asset & Utility Token

FRM is the native cryptocurrency of the Ferrum Network and is required for users to interact with the network.

It is also used as the routing token for InfinitySwap and is deflationary in nature by way of Crucible.

Note: By holding both FRM and FRMx, community members can gain access to presales through Ferrum Advisory Services.


Digital Asset & Governance Token

FRMx is the native cryptocurrency of the FerrumX Network and is the necessary gas token for users to interact with the network.

FRMx is also deflationary in nature by way of Crucible and is also a Governance Token. It is required in order to be a part of our Governance Committee.
The Governance Committee plays an integral role in the direction of Ferrum.

FRM/FRMx Token Utility


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