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Announcing Primary Listing on BitMax!

Dear Community,

It is with great pleasure to announce our exchange partner — BitMax!

We could not be more thrilled to have one the best exchanges in the world as our primary listing partner.

In this article, we provide key info on the listing, and explain why we believe BitMax is the perfect fit for our primary listing. Enjoy!

Key Info

FRM will be listing with BTC and USDT pairs on BitMax.io on August 5, 2019 at 10 am EDT.

If you do not already have a BitMax.io account, we are asking all our supporters and community members to sign up here in advance of the listing.

BitMax.io has a spectacular user experience and innovative features like unique combination of mining and reverse-mining, margin trading, volatility cards, and “BitTreasure”, as well as a great mobile app. We promise you will love this exchange.

But what else made us want to partner with BitMax?

Shared Values

We had many choices for exchange listing. However, as soon as we began the process with BitMax something felt different.

Rather than viewing us as just another token to list, they took the time to understand our project, saw our value and treated us like true partners throughout the process.

Trust, honesty and integrity are the core values of Ferrum Network. It is also what we look for in our partners. From our initial interaction with the BitMax team until today, it is clear that they holds themselves to a higher standard and conduct business the right way. We are proud to be working with them.

A Local Team with Global Reach

We also loved the fact that BitMax and Ferrum both have a strong presence in New York City. We also connected with their team. Led by former Wall Street executives, along with a deep bench of marketing experts and cryptocurrency exchange veterans, BitMax truly has an all-star team.

We see them continuing to gain market share long into the future, and consider this a great opportunity to partner with one of the fastest growing exchanges that we believe could become the global leader.

We also love BitMax’s global reach, particularly their deep roots in the Asian markets. This extensive market reach is critical for Ferrum’s long term success. Therefore, we are excited to be working directly with the BitMax marketing team to conquer the Chinese and Korean markets and bring Ferrum to millions of people around the world.

A Strong, Lasting Partnership through BTMX and UniFyre Wallet

Beyond the listing and marketing, we wanted to deepen the partnership even further.

It is with great pleasure to announce that Ferrum Network will list the BTMX token in our UniFyre Wallet! This means that users will now have access to BTC, ETH, XRP, GUSD, BTMX, BNB and FRM, among a host of other high-quality digital assets right within the UniFyre Wallet.

At Ferrum Network, we believe it is critical to focus on tokens with true utility. It is clear that the BTMX not only has real utility, but also very high demand. We are excited by the opportunity to offer BTMX within our wallet, both for our users and our exchange partner.

What’s Next

We will be working with the BitMax team on an extensive three month marketing campaign throughout Asia. In addition, expect some more partnership announcements and a MAJOR product release coming soon…

Thank You

We want to thank Ariel, George, Shane, Bella, Jasmine and the whole BitMax team for working with us over the past months to help us get to this point.

And we want to thank our thank our faithful community and early supporters who believed in us since the beginning…this is for you!

Very truly yours,

The Ferrum Network Team


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