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Where To Mint?

The password will be shared on #📝beta-instructions channel on Discord. In order to access this channel you must be an Beta Tester. 

Available Trading Pairs

  1. cFRM/FRM
  2. cFRMx/FRMx

Crucible Fees

There will be a 2% transaction fee on every transfer and 0% on unwrapping Crucible tokens (cFRM / cFRMx conversion back to base tokens i.e. FRM / FRMx).

90% of the generated fees will go to the Crucible Rewards Pool (See Rewards Distribution section below). 10% of all generated fees will be burned automatically.


There is NO TOTAL MINT CAP on cFRM or cFRMx and you can mint as much as you would like. We have only set caps per transaction i.e. the maximim cFRM or cFRMx that you can mint in one transaction. They are currently set as:

  1. cFRM Mint Cap Per Transaction: 1,000,000
  2. cFRMx Mint Cap Per Transaction: 10

As an example you can mint a maximum of 10 cFRMx in one transaction and then do another one after the first one is successful and so on.

Rewards Distribution

You need to follow the instructions within Crucible and stake some of your minted cFRM, cFRMx. Do not stake all of it as you will need some to create volume. (See Trade Volume section below)

All 90% of the generated fees go to Crucible Rewards Pool. All of these rewards go to those who stake cFRM or cFRMx. The remaining 10% of all generated fees will be burned automatically.

Trade Volume Flow

To create volume simply purchase, sell, or transfer crucible from one wallet to another. It’s almost like a DeFi game. The truly wise arbitrage pro will seize the opportunity to mint cFRM or cFRMx and then sell it into the base token FRM or FRMx to mint more and take advantage of arbitrage.

An even more experienced pro will stake some cFRM and cFRMx LP tokens before doing this so they can earn rewards per transaction while taking profits from arbitrage.

Trading with other pairs such as USDC

As there is a 2% fee per transaction, the CakeRouter (Pancakeswap) isn’t able to facilitate trades with regular slippage. So you’ll either need to set slippage to 2.1% or higher if the price is volatile or use the preferred pairs for trading.