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We are here to help you onboard 🙌🏻  . Please follow the steps defined below in order to sign in/sign up for Ferrum’s Gateway.

Note: In order to access presales you need to register your wallet and verify your email. Please go to this link for email adding/verification details.

How to Sign Up/Sign In:

1. Navigate to 🔗 Ferrum Gateway. Click on the ‘Connect’ button to connect your wallet.

2. Click on the MetaMask wallet option. After that, your wallet will pop-up asking for the account selection and verification. Please select your account that you want to attach and verify your wallet from there.

3. Congratulations you have successfully completed the signup/sign-in flow. 🥳

🤔  If you are still having any issues, please reach out to us, and one of our support agents will assist you. Here is the link to create a ticket.