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Proposal Guidelines

Proposal Title

The title should be concise and clearly summarize the proposal’s key point, providing an immediate understanding of what the proposal is about.

Objective of the Proposal

This section should describe the purpose and motivation behind the proposal, outlining the problem or opportunity that the proposal aims to address.

Description and Details

This is the main body of the proposal. It should provide a detailed explanation of the proposed actions, additions, or changes, discussing both benefits and potential downsides or risks. It should also outline the resources required and provide an implementation timeline.

Voting Options

Given the single-choice voting system, the proposal should present clear and concise options for voters. However, to avoid causing indecision, the number of options should be limited. Each option should be clearly defined and distinct.

Impact Analysis

Proposers should evaluate the potential impact of the proposal on Ferrum Network and its stakeholders, including financial, technical, and community aspects.

Alignment with Ferrum Network’s Mission and Values

The proposal should explain how it aligns with and contributes to Ferrum Network’s overall mission and values.

Execution Plan

The proposal should include a clear execution plan, outlining the steps for implementation, the individuals or teams responsible, and an estimated timeline.

Discussion and Amendments

Before the voting period begins, the proposal should be open for discussion on the Ferrum Network Discord server. A link to the Discord discussion should be included in the proposal to encourage community feedback and potential amendments.

Voting Delay and Period

There is a 7-day voting delay in place, meaning that voting can only commence 7 days after a proposal has been submitted. After this delay, the voting period will last for 7 days, giving community members ample time to review the proposal and cast their votes.

Proposal Approval

Approval of a proposal in the single-choice voting system is determined by the option receiving the highest number of votes.

Update and Follow-up

If a proposal is approved, there should be regular updates on the status of its implementation. This maintains community engagement and accountability.

These guidelines ensure the proposal process is transparent, comprehensive, and in line with Ferrum Network’s principles and structure.


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