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The Next Frontier in Cryptocurrency Presales

The current blockchain industry is plagued with unnecessary stress caused by outdated FCFS (first come, first serve) policies, lottery-based systems, long-term staking requirements, and worst of all, “gas wars.”

Ferrum Network’s Cross-Chain Incubation process is stress-free as it includes a 24-hour to 36-hour contribution period, short-term staking requirements, and low transaction costs on multiple different blockchains, including Avalanche, Moonbeam, Binance Smart Chain, and Polygon Network.


Ferrum Network


Good Game is a crypto solution for the gaming community. A platform for gamers, eSports fans, investors, and collectors.


Chibi Dinos

A basketball inspired NFT collection of 10,000 fun and unique Dinos part of an ever growing Play to Earn Metaverse!



We specialise in creating white label NFT platforms for creators and brands, allowing them to take their NFT projects to a whole new level.


How to Access

Ferrum Presales

To gain access to Ferrum Network Presales, you need to hold the necessary amount of cFRM and cFRMx in your MetaMask Wallet on the BSC Network or have your cFRM and cFRMx staked in Crucible to qualify for either the Ferrum Lottery tier or a guaranteed allocation to the early rounds of top early-stage projects that have joined the Ferrum Network Ecosystem.

*The guaranteed tier requires a minimum of 0.3 cFRMx, and 25,000 cFRM or more to be held in the same MetaMask Wallet on the BSC Network.

Ferrum Presales

Ferrum Lottery Tier

Holders of at least 1,000 cFRM will qualify for the Ferrum Lottery tier. Each additional 1,000 cFRM held in your MetaMask Wallet on the BSC Network will be awarded 1 lottery ticket, up to 24 total lottery tickets. The more lottery tickets you earn, the higher your chances are of winning an allocation into a Ferrum Presale. *Winning an allocation is not guaranteed.

cFRM/cFRMx must be held in the participant’s MetaMask Wallet on the BSC Network until the date of the first distribution of the relevant tokens. Otherwise, the participants will be refunded minus a 10% administration fee.

Guaranteed Allocations

Ferrum Network offers guaranteed allocations available to all investors that meet the requirements by holding the required amount of $cFRM & $cFRMx tokens in their Metamask wallets on the Binance Smart Chain Network.

The minimum requirements for 'Guaranteed Allocations' in Ferrum Presales are to hold at least 25,000 $cFRM tokens in addition to 0.3 $cFRMx tokens in your Metamask Wallet on the BSC Network.

Token Holding Requirements

Ferrum Lottery Tier
1,000: 0.25 allocation (Lottery Tier – the number of spots will vary by project).

Guaranteed Allocation Tiers (25,000 cFRM and above)
For guaranteed allocations tiers, a minimum of 0.3 cFRMx is required to be held in the same Metamask wallet.

cFRMx Additional Bonus

All holders with 25,000 or more cFRM, who hold a minimum of 2 cFRMx will qualify for a bonus allocation.

The tiers will be in increments of 0.2 cFRMx, starting from 2 cFRMx through 50 cFRMx. Each step will provide a bonus of 0.2 allocations, meaning every 2 cFRMx you hold, you will receive a bonus of 0.2 allocations, with a maximum bonus of 5.0 allocations:

How to participate in Ferrum's Presales?

Step by Step

Ferrum Network
Ferrum Network
Ferrum Network
Ferrum Network
Ferrum Network
Ferrum Network
Ferrum Network

Governance Committee

If you’d like to be a part of our esteemed Ferrum Governance Committee, you can hold either: 250,000 cFRM / 20 cFRMx OR 750,000 cFRM / 10 cFRMx. Benefits to being a GC member are:

Access to exclusive private sale & seed round investment opportunities

A 5% referral benefit for referring friends to Ferrum

Voting on monthly reward structure, presale access structure, & other components of our ecosystem

Opportunity to test products pre-launch

Voting on upcoming incubation projects

The opportunity to join a tight-knit community of like-minded Ferrum supporters

Wallet Splitting is Strictly Forbidden

For all presales, the splitting of wallets is strictly forbidden. We have designed the model so that smaller holders get sizable allocations, and we expect every community member to play by the rules and not exploit the system.
For this new fairer system to work, everyone must play by the rules. If we do what is suitable for the wider community, we as individuals will also benefit without cutting corners.

The holding requirements are subject to change. Some projects may require different cFRM/cFRMx holding structures.


Join us as we pave the way toward Interoperability 2.0 and beyond!