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Hello Community,

It is our great pleasure to announce that Ferrum Network has been invited to the Binance Chain Alliance!

Binance Chain Alliance is an association of blockchain projects and their respective Founders/CEO’s who have successfully migrated to Binance Chain and listed on Binance DEX.

The aim of this new initiative is to support other projects and their founders during their migration process to Binance Chain, as well as support them in a variety of areas such as financing, technology, KYC and network introductions.

What Ferrum Network Brings to Binance Chain Alliance

Since our decision to issue a portion of FRM on Binance Chain and list on Binance DEX, Ferrum Network has been honored to be a part of the Binance Chain community. It is now time to give back.

Ferrum Network has the following unique technology it can add to the Alliance and Binance Chain projects.

The Token Bridge

Ferrum Network has built its own Token Bridge from the ground up, enabling near-instant swaps of BEP-2 tokens and ERC-20 tokens.

Fully customizeable, Ferrum is in discussions with numerous Binance Chain projects who are interested in this technology as they look to add ERC-20 versions of their tokens and offer their supporters a means of swapping tokens between chains.

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Fully Customizable Token Bridge UI

Token Staking

After the Ferrum Network main net is released, its unique decentralized proxy token technology will enable the staking any of token, even for BEP-2 tokens that were previously not stakeable (emphasis added). This technology will be introduced in 2020.

However, prior to the main net, Ferrum Network will launch an ERC-20 staking mechanism that Binance Alliance projects that also have ERC-20 tokens can avail themselves of.

KYC Solution

One benefit of having our own fiat gateway is that we needed to build our own KYC solution. For Binance Chain projects looking for a KYC solution for their IDO or otherwise, Ferrum Network has a reliable, low-cost option.

A Ground Breaking Product in Development

Finally, Ferrum Network is in the early stages of building a ground-breaking cold storage product that will appeal to Binance Chain projects that are looking for a low cost cold storage solution…more news on this to follow.

If anyone is interested in learning more about these or other Ferrum Network technology, please contact Ian Friend, COO and Co-Founder of Ferrum Network at ian@ferrum.network.

Thank You to Cubiex

We want to thank Cubiex and their CEO Pierre Cahine for launching the Binance Chain Alliance and being kind enough to invite Ferrum Network!

Through Cubiex’s leadership, we are confident the Binance Chain Alliance will become one of the most important communities within the Binance ecosystem.


Ferrum Network looks forward to working closely with the Binance Chain Alliance to bring value through technology and community support.

Please stay tuned for more announcements on Binance Chain partnerships, integrations, meet-ups and much more!

Very truly yours,

The Ferrum Network Team

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Contact Binance Chain Alliance

Website: https://www.bepalliance.com
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