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Ferrum Network Community,

It is with great pleasure to announce our 4th exchange listing — Eterbase — Europe’s leading regulatory-compliant cryptocurrency exchange.

Eterbase offers many valuable features such as a Euro-backed stable coin, negative trading fees, and corporate IBAN accounts.

In this article we explain why listing on Eterbase, with its Treasury Gateway, negative trading fees, and community-driven approach, will benefit the community and project alike.

Listing Overview

FRM will commence trading on November 15th 2019 with ETH and EBASE pairs.

Listing will commence shortly after the Ferrum Network AMA, to be held in the Eterbase Telegram channel on 15th November, 2019 at 9am EST (3pm CET).

Treasury Gateway Service

One unique feature of Eterbase is their Treasury Gateway service, which offers much-needed services for projects seeking to bridge the gap between fiat currency and cryptocurrency.

This service allows enterprises and clients to pay projects for their services with a fiat payment direct to a corporate IBAN account, eliminating the need to exchange cryptocurrency into fiat.

For Ferrum Network, not only is our first product First Kudi (formerly Kudi Exchange) beginning to generate revenue, but we have plans to monetize our other products as well. The Eterbase Treasury Gateway is a unique service not offered by other exchanges and fits perfectly into our business model.

Negative Trading Fees

One issue constantly facing traders are trading fees. The Ferrum Network community deserves better, and Eterbase is able to provide a solution with their negative trading fee structure.

With their Premium Membership, not only do you not pay anything to trade, but you actually earn up to 50% of the generated trading fees (i.e. the fees paid by the Taker of that trade).

For the first time, Ferrum Network community members have the option of negative trading fees. We think that alone constitutes a reason to list on Eterbase.

Other Unique Benefits

But Eterbase offers much more to the Ferrum community, such as:

  • Free listing on our Eterbase exchange and corporate payment account at majestic.eu
  • Premium membership status and benefits including negative trading fees
  • Free volume provision on Eterbase of up to $20K daily volume on FRM token
  • Future option for a FRM/EURO pair
  • Coming soon — bot trading assistance to help traders maximum profits

Community Rewards

As a way to give back and promote the listing, Ferrum Network will be providing Eterbase premium members $7,500 worth of FRM distributed over the course of four weeks.

For Ferrum community members interested in receiving some of these rewards and other benefits, we suggest signing up for a premium account at Eterbase.


In addition, Ferrum and Eterbase have entered into a cooperative co-marketing agreement to help promote each others success. Please look out for updates on the Ferrum and Eterbase channels as we both continue to move forward.

What’s Next

Come join us for the AMA in the Eterbase channel tomorrow at 9am EST (3pm CET)!

Afterwards, be ready to start trading FRM on Eterbase!

As always, thank you for your continued support.

Very truly yours,

The Ferrum Network Team

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