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Ferrum Network Weekly Update — September 22, 2019

Dear Community,

Another busy week for the team and community! From last Sunday until today, here is our progress.

Business Update

  • Ferrum became the 1st member of the Binance Chain Alliance — a network of the most promising projects on Binance DEX who have committed to supporting the Binance ecosystem;
  • Announced a partnership with Dash to help bring digital assets to people in Africa and beyond;
  • Announced our third exchange listing — IDEX (listing on Monday September 23, 2019)
  • Opened our newest Ferrum Network international community — Japan now at nearly 200 members!

Tech Update

The engineers have been working around the clock to launch the updated Kudi app and the staking mechanism. Here are the updates in brief:

  • Upgraded certain Kudi app features to support iOS version, such as What’s App integration for iOS
  • Simplified the sign-up process and dashboard for improved user experience
  • Upgraded QR reader for improved merchant experience for the point of sale system;
  • Entered into final internal testing phase of Ferrum Network’s dynamic staking mechanism and formed the testing group; and
  • Added a third full-time dev to the tech team.

Kudi Update

Our new marketing campaign targeting business and hosting events has continued to bring results. Here is some of what we achieved this week.

  • Successfully installed and trained another 5 merchants this week (bringing total merchants to over 75). These were larger businesses that needed staff training for the app but have larger customer base;
  • Held the Bombastic Lounge Kudi event! The Kudi app was used exclusively during the event for all transactions. A lucky winner left with a brand new Ledger Nano!
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COO of Kudi Germaine Ifudu (left) and winner of Ledger Nano (right)
  • Began preparation for the next Kudi event at Unwind Lagos to be held on September 27, 2019

What’s Next

This week we will begin testing the staking mechanism with our outside testing group. These individuals will help us improve the user experience and provide critical feedback. Ferrum staking will be completely unique — dynamic and customizable. We can’t wait to show you!

Very truly yours,

The Ferrum Network Team

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