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Ferrum Network Weekly Update — September 29, 2019

Ferrum Network Weekly Update — September 29, 2019

Dear Community,

After another busy week at Ferrum Network, here are the weekly updates:

Business Update

  • FRM listed on IDEX — the world’s largest hybrid decentralized exchange;
  • Solidified a partnership to begin real-world advertising and meet-ups (more to be announced soon)
  • Began laying the groundwork for an enterprise product that will solve major problems with token custody, outside hacks and internal team fraud that we see all too often in this space.

Tech Update

An update to the Kudi app with additional features to improve the merchant experience is underway. Also, the team dev team has been focused on the Ferrum Network Staking Tool:

  • Initiated improvements to the the staking mechanism based on tester feedback;
  • Began design work on the staking mechanism to improve the user experience; and
  • Continued updating the Kudi app based on merchant feedback (release to be announced soon); and
  • Continued backend development of UniFyre Wallet to seamlessly transition into UniFyre development.

Kudi Update

  • Signed more merchants this week, bringing the total to 95;
  • Trained an additional 10 merchants on the Kudi Point of Sale Features (many of the bigger merchants need in-person training);
  • Begun work on our Kudi Merchants page. Kudi Merchants is a service we created to help these stores generate additional revenue, more news to be released on this soon
  • Began preparations for the next major event — Abuja Blockchain Conference on October 5th and 6th.

As a final note, please understand there are always incremental developments that we cannot publicly reveal. We are constantly progressing even if the pace of progress may appear slow. But it is these daily incremental improvements that result in greatness down the line.

We hope to reveal some of these major developments to you very soon. Until next week…

Very truly yours,

The Ferrum Network Team

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