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The Ferrum Network team is comprised of passionate blockchain experts with over 50 years of collective experience in the crypto space.
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Naiem Yeganeh, PHD

Founder, CEO and Lead Developer

Ian M. Friend, ESQ.

Co-Founder & COO

Taha Abbasi

Chief Strategy Officer

Nichell Logue

EVP Operations & HR

Nick Odio

EVP Partnerships & Growth

Hasnat Malik

Director of Projects

Asad Khalid

Financial Controller

Tom Fraczak

Senior Marketing Specialist

Joe Robinson

Digital Marketing Specialist

David Scandroli

Graphic Web Designer

Nicholas Hellmann

Crypto Incubation Advisor

Nathan Korus

Sales Team Lead & Crypto Incubation Advisor

Adrian Drugakov

Products & Service Consultant

Salman Haider

Senior Blockchain Architect

Ibraheem Kabir

Software Engineer

Zikriya Mushtaq

Senior Engineer - Backend

Sheraz Riaz

Senior DevOps Engineer

Rizwan Haider

Senior Software Engineer

Rostyslav Tyshko

Software Engineer

Abdul Ahad

Software Engineer

Faizan Ali

Software Engineer

Jun Kai

Software Engineer Blockchain

Amir Hasan

Senior Quality Assurance Engineer

Maiwand Sultan

Senior Project Manager


Project Coordinator

Ryan Sweet

NFT Consultant

Michael Nacias

Legal Consultant

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