- 1 WzULm02SH kwVx6t5e01MQ 1210x423 - Monthly Recap —  February 2020

Hello Ferrum Community,

What an eventful February it has been! From the successful launch of staking 2.0, to not one but two exchange listings, to the Kudi expansion into Ghana, we have been building non-stop to bring value to all Ferrum Network (FRM) stakeholders.

Below recaps our progress from the business, technology and Kudi perspectives.

Business Update

  • Announced a partnership with Honest Mining to expand the reach of our FRM Stake and Earn program.
  • Began the Ambassador Program and ended Social Mining. The Ambassador Program is designed for highly motivated community members whose skills and experience can bring significant value to the project. PM an admin if you believe you have what it takes to become a Ferrum Ambassador;
  • Released the new Ferrum Network website with new and improved DeFi focused messaging and updated designs;
  • Successfully launched FRM Stake and Earn with 10 million FRM staked over the 7 day staking period;
  • Listed FRM on Bidesk.com — a new exchange listing high-quality tokens and offering low fees (.005% for FRM for the first 6 months).
  • Listed FRM on Vitex.net — a decentralized exchange running on the Vite Network.

Tech Update

The dev team has been focused on two initiatives at the moment: preparing for the launch of Kudi Ghana and preparing for the launch of UniFyre Wallet.

  • In terms of Kudi Ghana, we are working on backend implementation for the Ghanian Cedi including sending and receiving payments as a merchant account;
  • UniFyre Wallet is in internal beta testing. We had a productive conference call with our private testers to get feedback on particular features, including Link Drops and the private key security; and
  • We expect to push a beta version of UniFyre Wallet to the app stores in the near future so the community will have an opportunity to test it out before public launch. More news on this soon.

Kudi Update

The Kudi team on the ground continues to make significant progress. In February we announced the following:

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What’s Next

As we move through March, we look forward to launching UniFyre Wallet and initiating a major marketing campaign to raise massive awareness for Ferrum. Looking forward to continuing this journey with you.

Very truly yours,

The Ferrum Network Team

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