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After you migrate your FRM and FRMs from UniFyre to your MetaMask BSC wallet, you will need to connect your wallet and verify your email address in the Ferrum Gateway. You can learn more about the process of connecting emails to your wallet in the “How To Sign Up for Gateway and Leaderboard To Access Presales” article.

UniFyre to BSC Migration Notice

If you conducted your migration using the “Export Unifyre to MetaMask and Bridge” method described in the article titled: “How to Transfer FRM & FRMx From Unifyre to Metamask the Bridge to BSC Network?”. As a precaution, we recommend that you move your tokens to a different wallet on BSC after you bridge your FRM and FRMx over to BSC. This step would eliminate the risk of exposure if there were discrepancies in following the security instructions provided.

As a result of our UniFyre to BSC Migration, we are waiving the requirement to hold FRM and FRMx in the same wallet for community presales conducted before 12-January-2022. This means you can easily move your FRM and FRMx tokens to a different wallet to use for presales.