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How to Qualify for Ferrum Presales

Getting into Ferrum Presales has become more accessible and secure than ever before. Simply hold the necessary amount of FRM and FRMx in your own wallet on the BSC Network to qualify for either the Ferrum Lottery tier or get guaranteed allocation to the early rounds of top early-stage projects that have joined the Ferrum Network Ecosystem.

Ferrum Lottery Tier

Holders of at least 1,000 FRM will qualify for the Ferrum Lottery tier. Each additional 1,000 FRM held in your own wallet on BSC will be awarded 1 lottery ticket, up to 24 total lottery tickets.

FRM/FRMx must be held in the participant’s own wallet on BSC until the date of the first distribution of the relevant tokens.

Guaranteed Allocations

For guaranteed allocations tiers a minimum of 0.3 FRMx and 25,000 FRM is required to be held in the same BSC wallet to qualify.

How to purchase FRM and FRMx to qualify for Ferrum Presales

To qualify for Ferrum Network Presales, you need to be holding FRM and/or FRMx in your wallet on the BSC Network. You can do this using one of the two ways outlined below.

Option 1: Transfer FRM Tokens to BSC 

You may purchase FRM tokens on various networks such as Ethereum or Polygon, but you must transfer the tokens to your BSC wallet to qualify for any Presales. It is easy to transfer your FRM from various networks in minutes using a cross-chain token bridge such as the Ferrum Network Cross-Chain Token Bridge.  

Option 2: Purchase FRM Tokens directly on BSC

Visit Apeswap.Finance to purchase FRM or FRMx tokens on the BSC Network directly & securely.

  1. This will require you to have MetaMask installed on your desktop computer, or mobile device with Binance Smart Chain Network added as a custom network. Learn How to Add Any EVM Compatible Network to Your MetaMask 
  2. Visit ApeSwap
  3. Connect your MetaMask wallet to Apeswap
  4. Trade your tokens on BSC for FRM or FRMx tokens
  5. Make sure to meet the requirements to qualify as seen on


Snapshots are generally announced 2 days before a Presale event to give our community enough time to prepare their tokens.

Pledge Forms

Hold FRM & FRMx in your BSC Wallet, and you must authenticate that wallet (MetaMask) in the Ferrum Gateway application to receive a pledge form. You will not receive a pledge form if you don’t authenticate your MetaMask wallet through the Ferrum Gateway application.

Are other wallets like Trust Wallet supported for Presales?

Currently our Presales features requires MetaMask wallet, (no other wallets are currently supported) but other wallets may become compatible in the future.


Once you submit your pledge form, you must wait for the announcement of the contribution link Ferrum’s Official Announcements Channel on Telegram. Once the Contribution link is announced, you will be given 36 hours to access the contribution page & connect your wallet to contribute to the presale. You may invest according to the minimum and maximum amount in the stable coin required, as shown in the example photo below. Please make sure you read & agree to the vesting terms and conditions.

No FCFS & No Gas Wars

The crypto incubation space is plagued with unnecessary stress caused by flawed FCFS policies, lottery-based systems, long-term staking requirements, and worst of all, “gas wars”.

The Ferrum Cross-Chain Presale is a stress-free process with a 36 hour contribution period, non-obligatory staking requirements, and low transaction costs on many EVM and non-EVM compatible networks.

The Ferrum Leaderboard on BSC

There are more opportunities to win with Ferrum Network. We have a real-time leaderboard that keeps track of your FRM and FRMx holdings, and you can use it to qualify for Ferrum exclusive post-launch presale allocations and other unique promotions. Check by joining the Official Ferrum Network Announcements Channel on Telegram for the latest news & updates.