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To gain access to Ferrum Network Presales, you need to have your cFRM and cFRMx staked in Crucible to qualify for either the Ferrum Lottery tier or a guaranteed allocation to the early rounds of top early-stage projects that have joined the Ferrum Network Ecosystem.

*The guaranteed tier requires a minimum of 0.3 cFRMx, and 25,000 cFRM or more staked on Crucible.

Ferrum Lottery Tier
Stakers of at least 1,000 cFRM will qualify for the Ferrum Lottery tier. Each additional 1,000 cFRM staked in Crucible will be awarded 1 lottery ticket, up to 24 total lottery tickets. The more lottery tickets you earn, the higher your chances are of winning an allocation into a Ferrum Presale. *Winning an allocation is not guaranteed.

cFRM/cFRMx must be staked in Crucible until the date of the first distribution of the relevant tokens. Otherwise, the participants will be refunded minus a 10% administration fee.