Introducing the Dynamic
FRM and FRMx Rewards System

Earn up to 30% APY by holding FRM and FRMx in your UniFyre Wallet

Amount of FRM
Price of FRM
Amount of FRMx
Value of Pool drop
Value of Drop with 30% APY
FRMx Needed to get 30% APY
The APY is a percentage of your FRM holdings, expressed in USD per month based on current FRM price.

FRMx token

FRMx is a new kind of staking governance token — with valuable utilities, long term sustainability, a fair launch, and designed to add tremendous value to the Ferrum ecosystem.

Holding FRM and FRMx in your UniFyre Wallet amplifies your monthly rewards. When holding both tokens together, you will be able to receive up to an Annual Percentage Yield (APY) of 30% without having to lock up tokens. Use the Reward Calculator to see how much FRM and FRMx you need to hold to reach the maximum APY!