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Social Mining Weekly Tips and Suggestions — August 16, 2018

Social Mining Weekly Tips and Suggestions — August 16, 2018

Hello Ferrum Community,

We are excited to report a highly successful launch of Social Mining with nearly 300 users signed up and tons of amazing content created! But we can always do better…

To maximize the impact of social mining, we are implementing “Social Mining Weekly Tips and Suggestions”. This will provide of suggestions for content and activities we think would add a lot of value that week. And to make it even more exciting, for those who create the best content that week, we will be giving out extra points!

In addition, the weekly article will provide updates as to how much FRM was distributed in the prior period, who won the most and why, special shout outs, and other important information to benefit all our social miners!

Social Mining Tips and Suggestions — August 16, 2019

It has been a fantastic start, and we love the content being put out by miners like yassine_diraa who put out 40 pieces of content and racked up over 1300 points in 3 days, great job Yassine!

This week, we would love to see content around the following topics:

  1. Binance DEX Application — Tweet about it, share it, write about it on Reddit, you can even make infographic with the FRM logo and the Binance DEX logo! The ideas are endless.
  2. Social Mining — some of the best content we have seen is about social mining itself. Explaining it, promoting it, and especially referring your friends to it.
  3. BitMax Primary Listing — it was only last week that we listed on BitMax.io and announced a partnership with them. Letting people know about FRM trading on BitMax will be great for the community as a whole.
  4. The Token Bridge — many might not know we built a token bridge from the ground up with completely new UI than every other token bridge. We even wrote an article explaining why we built it ourselves. For the technically minded among us, this is a pretty cool achievement to be touted!

Of course there are many other topics people can create content for, and anything different from the above will still be rewarded. These are just some suggestions we think could be helpful this week.

Other Key Information — How Much FRM Per Month

We realize we never conveyed the exact amount of FRM that will be distributed each month for social mining. As previously stated, we have allocated 1% of total tokens, distributed equally over the course of 12 months, for social mining.

This equals approximately 276,432 FRM every month to be distributed to our miners! The first bi-monthly distribution will happen soon, so link up your ERC-20 wallet and deposit at least 5000 FRM to start earning!

Finally, we will be opening up the settings to allow people to post more content in the Telegram. We want everyone sharing their social mining content! But remember, we have strict rules about spamming and malicious activities, so please don’t break the rules otherwise you will be banned.

Shout Outs

Shout out to Benjamin Mazur for writing this incredible article on Hackernoon about Social Mining (which also talks about Ferrum)!

Also shout out to the DAO Maker team who have been extremely helpful this first week. For anyone interested in joining their community and learning more about social mining or just having chat with them, please go here.

What’s Next

Every week we will be publishing a similar article about next week’s suggested activities, so please stay tuned, and remember to sign up and deposit a minimum of 5000 FRM to start earning today!

Very truly yours,

The Ferrum Network Team


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