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Social Mining Weekly Tips and Suggestions — August 29, 2018

Social Mining Weekly Tips and Suggestions — August 29, 2018

Hello Ferrum Community,

In our 3rd installment of Tips and Suggestions, we wanted to highlight some important advice given by one of our top Miners, and also identify some of the best performing content.

Also we just sent out the 2nd distribution! 61 Social Miners earned a total of 63,892 FRM! Congrats to our Miners!

Weekly Stats

Since we began social social mining we have:

  1. Signed up nearly 1,780 users;
  2. Over 80 users deposited FRM into their designated wallet (IMPORTANT: ONLY THESE PEOPLE WILL RECEIVE ANY FRM REWARDS);
  3. Generated over 1300 pieces of unique content!

Tips and Suggestions as Brought to You By Ben

Friend of the project and Social Mining leader Benjamin Mazur just wrote this great Hacker Noon article here outlining his journey as a Social Miner. You can read it here but these are some highlights from his journey from newbie to expert:

Chapter 1 –Rookie mistakes: When I first logged into the platform, I was not sure what am I doing. I decided to post a few tweets and other stuff without reading any info what so ever about social mining. Guess what? I had to pay for my irresponsibility.

Chapter 2: Slowly Learning: After I took a few shots I started with some posts, I was the main meme maker in the telegram chat. All the people from there knew me as a funny guy. So I decided that I will share some memes”

Chapter 3 -The Rise: After a few meme posts, quality tweets and other stuff I found myself around rank 30. To be honest, I thought this is my limit I couldn’t get higher, all I can do is a meme and after few posts, people started to upvote it more rarely, and by all fairness, it was the correct call since I was adding just very little value. But then I realized I know 2 other languages! So I started to translate medium posts.

Chapter 4 -Work is the Only Way: After a few days, I realized that I can’t reach the top ranking with stuff that I am doing. I was sitting pretty good, but I wanted more. The beauty with social mining is that if you want more, you can get it. You just need to work, work, work. I started with article writing. First time in my life. I wasn’t comfortable with it at all. English is not even my native language, but yet I tried and I rolled out my first article on my medium page.

Chapter 5 -Go Beyond the Platform: All the nice work in the platform is good, but as long as it stays only within the platform it’s not using 100% potential. 3rd article in my life and I am submitting it to Hackernoon. What can go wrong? To my surprise, it got accepted! You don’t have to be an experienced writer if you want a good article. Once again the point is to work, work, work. If you think you are not good enough then DON’T THINK.”

Thank you to Ben for taking the time to write this Hackernoon article, and get accepted! Shows you that anything is possible if you put your mind to it.

Example of High Quality Content from the Week

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https://community.ferrum.network/cboard/activity/view/1278/ — Kudi infographic
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https://community.ferrum.network/cboard/activity/view/988/ — Comparision Chart
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Final Thoughts

Remember you won’t earn any FRM unless you hold a minimum of 5000 FRM in your designated wallet! We have many participants doing activities but not everyone is following this first required step.

Payout will now be coming every 2 weeks, so do not delay on setting up your account properly to earn FRM.

Very truly yours,

The Ferrum Network Team


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