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Social Mining Weekly Tips and Suggestions — September 24, 2019

Social Mining Stats, Tips and Suggestions — September 24, 2019

Hello Ferrum Community,

In the beginning, we would love to highlight some great stats. We are getting some great numbers and we want to share them with you.

Weekly Stats

  • Over 2 500 people signed up since the start of social mining.
  • Over 2 000 pieces of unique content were created.

About the last payment distribution

  • 127, 584 FRM distributed.
  • 83 users were eligible for rewards.
  • Top users received around 5 500 FRM each.

Top posts highlight

  • We saw some great articles and videos this week. We would love to bring a few of them to you.
  1. From Beginning to Today with Ferrum Network — by vycl987

From Beginning to Today with Ferrum Network

  • Great article about FFerrum’sstory so far and progress by one of the most active people within our beloved Turkish community.

2. What the Ferrum You Been Up To? — by one and only Coachkcrypto

  • Short, but very informative about the latest Ferrums’ updates and progress. We wish you a lot of good time in Mallorca summit Coach.

3. The Kudi Exchange Evolution — by Arigo A

The Kudi Exchange Evolution

  • Next article, next masterpiece summoning up one of Ferrums’ products Kudi exchange we highly encourage you to read it.

Just a few our of many high-quality posts. We are not able to highlight all of them since this post would have several pages.

One powerful tip for you this week

  • We have a very simple and yet so powerful tip for you guys this week.
  • In social mining, we are not putting limits on you. We see articles, videos, memes. That’s great, but we believe there are more things that you guys can show.
  • Do whatever you are good at. Do something with music, beats, cartoon, dubbing. Whatever you good at the beauty and pureness of social mining is that you have limitless possibilities and ways to obtain points and reputation.

What is to come for social mining?

  • We want to motivate and reward top users as well as allow new community members to earn some tokens.

For our top contributors

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Featured posts so far
  • We will start to use post featuring more. If we see high-quality content we will feature it on the platform. Giving top post more exposure and it will be forever saved in the top posts page.
  • Of course, this is a clear call to make less stuff, but with greater drive and bigger quality.

For new community members

Team requests

  • We encourage you to pay more attention towards that little bar on the top right corner in the dashboard window
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  • We will be adding more team request mainly marketing ones, but there might be some contest and more stuff as well.
  • It will also help people that have no idea what post to submit to earn some extra points


  • We are very proud of our community and its growth. However let’s mote to another level, let’s create something bit together.
  • We want to give tokens to our community however not for free since we want you and the project to move together forward.

Very truly yours,

The Ferrum Network Team


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