Ferrum Network staking statistics

Ferrum Network staking statistics

45+ projects using Ferrum Network’s DeFi staking technology
$20,000,000+ current TVL on Ferrum Network Products
8500 downloads on Ferrum Networks Unifyre wallet
60,000,000+ FRM held directly on Unifyre wallet

Types of staking technologies available

Traditional Staking

Incentivize your entire community to stake and lock their native tokens and earn rewards in native tokens at the end of the staking period. Creates instant utility for your token and rewards your long term supporters.

VIP Staking

Utilize our whitelist technology to limit stakers to only your top supporters. A great tool for raising funds, supporting marketing campaigns, or incentivizing product adoption.

Muti-Token Staking

Stake any token and earn rewards in a different token. Great for multi-token ecosystems. Lock up native tokens, earn rewards in a derivative token, and minimize inflation.

Liquidity Staking

Incentivize stakers to add liquidity to Uniswap and lock it up. Stakers earn rewards at the end of the period instead of daily inflation. Peace of mind is knowing that liquidity is locked with Ferrum’s Liquidity Staking technology.

Projects Integrating Ferrum Network Technology

Refer a staking project and earn $500!