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Hey all! Just a quick update on how things are going behind the scene from a technical point of view.

Since ICO, Ferrum team have been super busy, heads down working on a few main tasks:

– Hiring. We are always looking for awesome and passionate developers. We have built a small, but capable global dev team from Africa, Asia, and the United States.

– Backend. These are stuff that are not visible but we have made major progress in the backend which is enabling us to launch products faster and cheaper. Specially we have been building abstraction layers around security and chain access to speed up the development process

– Coding: The amount of code written does not mean much, but just for your information, Ferrum team have been working on more than 25 repositories and has averaged around 1.5 commits per day, including weekends.

– Open source. Majority of our codebase is still closed, but if you check our github, you can see around 10 public repositories in the last few months. They are mostly around infrastructure and tools for blockchain and cryptography development. We have forked and modified several popular Javascript crypto libraries to make them share the underlying core crypto libraries. We did this to reduce the attack surface, the code size related to crypto libraries, and make them all compatible with various environments such as React Native. Examples are hdkey, elliptic, tweetnacl-js, bs58check, bip39, and more. We have also contributed to Binance chain ecosystem by creating a transaction parser that their JavaScript SDK was lacking.

– Products. Since ICO we have built several products: Smaller ones include KYC collection and management tools. Token bridge. Last product is our Staking platform built on top of Ethereum network, which is a flexible staking system for ERC20 tokens. Our staking platform also include a nice UI that works with Metamask and makes it very easy to use.

– Kudi: Kudi exchange, is one of our flagship products. We have had a lot of progress in improving, refactoring, and adding features to Kudi. New features include one-click bank accounts, POS improvements, automatic invoicing, and more.

– Unifyre: Unifyre we have been working hard on the Unifyre wallet. The app has been completely redesigned. Backend is mostly complete, and we are working very hard to make it ready for Beta testers by end of year. Unifyre will be a unique multi-chain crypto wallet. It will be the first wallet, where you completely take control of your private keys, but you can benefit from server side security checks such as two factor authentication, AI based fraud detection, geo-fencing, locking account on a lost or stolen phone, and other security features. You will have access to buy crypto around the world and will work seamlessly with other Ferrum products.

– Network and other products: Most work that is gone to Unifyre and Kudi, are architectured in such a way to optimize code re-usability. We are making progress toward some other products and the mainnet, which will be announced accordingly.

I try to update you about the tech progress frequently. And would love to hear your feedback

Naiem Yeganeh — CEO of Ferrum Network

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