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Note: Due to an overwhelming interest in our referral 1.0, we had to stop the campaign early due to the number of leads received (Top 5 have been saved and will be rewarded with 2500 FRM each as the campaign didn’t go the full length) We’d like to thank you for the AMAZING support and results!

We’re introducing another round of our competition to keep the ball rolling and allow you to continue! In this 2.0 campaign, we’ve added some simple steps like following our Twitter account and Telegram which will credit you with additional points that will allow you to climb up the leaderboard


Here is a step by step guide on how to get started with our referral competition 2.0:

  1. Sign up to our referral page and follow the simple steps listed + copy your unique referral link
  2. Share the link with your friends, family and also on your social media to boost your ranking
  3. Top 5 participants with the most entries will be rewarded with 2500 FRM each
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The competition will complete on the 3rd of April 2020, the rewards will be distributed with the launch of our Unifyre Wallet and will be credited using ‘Link Drop’ technology

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